How to access MySQL database via Dream weaver? I am using cPanel for my domain. How to configure Dream-weaver to access MySQL database via FTP. Kindly follow the steps below to enable “Remote MySQL” connection. ============= 1. Login to your cPanel 2. Go to Database 3. Select on “Remote MySQL”… Continue Reading Configure Dream weaver in to access MySQL database via FTP – cPanel – Access database via remote connection

How to install SSL certificate without IP dedicated IP address in shared hosting. SSL-enabled Name-based Apache Virtual Hosts with mod_gnutls This article describes how to implement SSL-enabled name-based vhosts – that is secure virtual hosts which share the same IP address and port – with the SNI-capable mod_gnutls module for… Continue Reading Enable name based hosting for SSL -SNI module – without dedicated IP for SSL

This script allows us to gather all the username and password information on the server to let us troubleshoot faster. Just copy paste this script in a file. Change the file to executable mode and run the script. I works. We can get the Plesk password via this. #!/usr/bin/env bash#**********************************************#… Continue Reading Hack Plesk email and FTP password – How to decrypt it.

Easy Steps to enable Signature in Horde Webmail: 1. Login to Horde webmail2. On left side menu >> Options >> Mail3. Inside General Options click Personal Information4. You can add the signature there.

How to get Plesk password from MySQL database. Plesk Password decrypt or hack the Plesk password.   1. Getting all the domain account information from Plesk———————————————————————— mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` -D psa -e “select login,password,home from sys_users INNER JOIN accounts on;” 2. Get client login details from Plesk.———————————————– mysql… Continue Reading Plesk password decrypt – Plesk password hack – from MySQL database.

 How to access remote url’s via PHP When the website is throwing an error message without loading the contents which refers to the remote url’s (in general news feeds), you need to enable the following PHP parameter. ============allow_url_include============ You can enable this PHP parameter by adding the following line in… Continue Reading allow_url_include — Makes the remote url’s active

You can reset the Joomla password by executing this command in MySQL. ============= update jos_users set password=MD5(“testpass”) where username=”testuser”;  ============= Have a Nice Day 🙂

I found information about an optional Apache module called mod_security. This is a very nice module that acts as an Apache firewall – it blocks a lot of the usual routes that people use to hack websites. In particular it scans POST requests (sent when you ‘save’ something on a… Continue Reading mod_security disable – how to disable mod_security for a user.

How to compile Apache with mod_security. First we will download and unzip mod_security. —–command—–wget -zxf modsecurity-apache_1.9.4.tar.gz—–command—– If you are using Apache 1.3.x you need to go into the apache1 directory as shown below. —–command—– cd modsecurity-apache_1.9.4/apache1—–command—– If you are using Apache 2.x you need to go into the apache… Continue Reading mod_security – how to compile mod_security in Apache 1.3 or 2.x

1. Using temporary URL. ———– http://IPaddress/~username ———– But checking sites using this method has some limitations. Often sites won’t be displayed properly & sometimes database connection won’t be established. 2. Using temporary DNS We recommend this method as it is the best way to check your sites. To check whether… Continue Reading Check your site with temporaty DNS method