Date Posted: 28-03-2017 In this post, we gonna explain difference between Redhat 6 vs Redhat 7 distribution Commands, files,etc., These are basic commands which we may use in our day today activities on redhat 6 distribution. List All Services: Redhat 6: chkconfig –list ls /etc/init.d Redhat 7: systemctl -at service… Continue Reading Redhat 6 vs Redhat 7 distribution Commands

Date Posted:25-03-2017 In our previous posts, we have seen how to hide webserver information on nginx information. Now, in this post we will show on how to hide server information on Apache webserver. If there is no webserver installed on the host, please follow the below post to install apache… Continue Reading Hide WebServer Information on Apache

Date Posted:24/03/2017 By default, webserver version, OS information will be visible to public which consider as a security problem because its not a good practice to expose server information. This may result in hackers to intrude your server incase if any vulnerability. So, its always good to hide all server… Continue Reading Hide Webserver information|Modify Server Header on Nginx

Date Posted: 17-03-2017 Docker is a most handy devops tool used nowdays. In this post, we explains few things about docker starts from installation. We tested docker on ubuntu machine. The docker command whatever we deals in the post will be same all linux flavors. Installation and few other command… Continue Reading Overview of Docker|Docker Commands

Date Posted:21-03-2017 Normally, we requires multiple domain names or wildcard domain name (*) or  www  points to same directory. In apache, we use ServerAlias to achieve the same. In this post, we will explain on how to add Serveralias on Nginx webserver. If nginx is not installed, please follow the… Continue Reading Setup ServerAlias on Ngnix Webserver(Alias domain name )

Date Posted: 17-03-2017 There are few scenarios where we have no control over wordpress admin panel due to various reason. In such cases, if we want to change themes, here is the easy way to change the theme from backend. Assumption: WordPress installation Server SSH access or PhpMyadmin access or… Continue Reading Change wordpress themes from backend

Date Posted: 17-03-2017 This post assumes that wordpress already installed. If server is fresh and it doesn’t have webserver or database server, follow the below post to install wordpress. Install Nginx, PhpFpm and MariaDB The webserver, database server can be anything other than nginx and mariadb. Implementation: Let’s assume the… Continue Reading Change wordpress site URL on backend(Mysql, Mariadb)

Date Posted: EFS is a aws service which is similar to NFS service where we can add a single disk across multiple servers. The advantage of using EFS is we dont have to worry about data storage. Limitation: EFS has a limited to few regions as of now and it… Continue Reading Working with EFS (Elastic File System)

Date Posted:13-03-2017 Ajenti is a open source control panel which works with java. The beauty of the control panel is it will auto discover the application and display it on the control panel. It also has option to install services in it. Assumption: Ubuntu Host. In this post, we use… Continue Reading Install Ajenti Control Panel

Date Posted:11-03-2017 In this post, we deals with how to redirect all non www request to www request. If nginx is not installed, follow the posts. Ubuntu 16.04 Centos 7 Implementation: If you followed the above posts, the default location of nginx configuration is /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default. Open nginx configuration and add the… Continue Reading Redirect non www request to www nginx