Date Posted: 28-02-2017 NFS(Network File system) used to mount remote files to the server. In this post, we will cover up on how to setup NFS server and mount the NFS directory to the client server. Assumption: 1.  Ubuntu Server. One server is Ubuntu Server used for NFS server and… Continue Reading Setup NFS server and configure NFS mount point on Ubuntu

Date Posted:25-02-2017 Assumption: Ubuntu Server Any custom Service. In our example, we will forward the port 8080 request to other server. We are gonna explain on how to install haproxy on Ubuntu server. Additionally, we will show up on how to configure service which forwards a requests from haproxy to… Continue Reading Install haproxy and configure haproxy

Posted Date:22-02-2017 In this Post we will explain how to create dynamic input elements and remove elements in php page using javascript/jquery. Example : In this post  we will add the dynamic input field of file one by one and remove and upload it. First ,Create the new file and include… Continue Reading Add and remove dynamic input elements

Posted Date:21-02-2017 This Post will explain how to download the directory using php. Assumption value: $sourecedir = ‘images/’;//this is an path of the folder name $zip_file = ‘’;//this is an downloadable zip foler name There two variable $sourcedir and $zipfile, $sourcedir varible mention the folder and $zipfile mention downloadable folder name.… Continue Reading Php zip a directory and automatically download

Date Posted:22-02-2017 Its a biggest challenge for a new mail server to reach popular mail provider user’s inbox. One of the best way is to sign the outgoing mail server using dkim. There are multiple ways to implement dkim signing. We are going to use opendkim as a service to… Continue Reading Dkim Setup on Postfix Mailserver – Centos 6/7

Posted Date:20-02-2017 This Post will explain how to search multiple string in mysql without using find_in_set function. In mysql find_in_set function possible check only string like this Example: find_in_set(‘a’,’a,b,c,d’) But not possible Search like this find_in_set(‘a,b,c,d’,’a,b,c,d’) if the we want multiple search the text only possible like this find_in_set(‘a’, ‘a,b,c,d’)… Continue Reading MySQL find_in_set with multiple search string

Date Posted:17-02-2017 This post we will explain on how to integrate tinymce into  webpage. This example we add two type of textara one is static and dynamic texarea  with tinymce editor First Step,create new file and Include the script source files inside head <script src=””></script> <script src=”//”></script> Second step add… Continue Reading Dynamic textarea with TinyMce editor

Date Posted:17-02-2017 This post we will explain on how to avoid duplicate mobile number update in user profile. Assumption: Table Name: ls_user Column name:phone, email Implementation: First,pass your email id and also pass new phone number second,run the query and check the number of rows zero mean execute next functionality… Continue Reading how to avoid inserting duplicate row in php while update user profile

Date Posted:12-02-2017 Redis is a in memory cache used as database cache, database to serve the page faster. We are not going to deal with how the application works, usage,etc., Refer redis official documentation to get to know the use case,etc., Prerequisites: Ubuntu 16 Nginx webserver Php If webserver or… Continue Reading Enable redis module on php – nginx webserver

Date Posted:12-02-2017 In this article, we are gonna explain on how to setup varnish to listen on port 80(http) and forward request to backend webserver(our example, we deals with nginx as backend server). The backend server can be anything, either Apache or Nginx webserver. Assumption: Apache or nginx webserver. This post… Continue Reading Install Varnish on Ubuntu 16