Nginx is the fastest webserver when compared to Apache. In this post, we are gonna explain on how to secure your website using SSL certificate on ubuntu 16.04. Assumption: Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx webserver. If nginx is not installed, please follow the post to install nginx You must have private key,… Continue Reading Install SSL Certificate on Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

This post covers 2 section which helps to boost the website performance. As we know, nginx is fast webserver and we are going to improve the performance by tweaking few more parameters on nginx. If the server doesn’t have nginx installed then follow the post . Assumption: Nginx webserver Centos or… Continue Reading Enable Expires Headers, gzip compression on nginx

In this post, we are gonna explain on how to install nginx, Php, Mariadb on Ubuntu 16.04.1. We have used AWS ubuntu server on this article.  apt-get install nginx Start the nginx service. systemctl start nginx Enable the service on startup so that it will get automatically started whenever the… Continue Reading Install Nginx, Php, MariaDB on Ubuntu 16.04.1