Remove server name from Apache headers:- It is essential to remove Apache server header to hide Apache server information and protect your website from malicious attackers. Here’s how to remove server name from Apache response header using htaccess. You can use it to hide the Apache version and server type… Continue Reading Hide server details and disable TLSV1.0 and TLSV1.1

How to enable exec() function in PHP-FPM Date: 02-10-2021 Step 1: Log in to the server via SSH. Step 2: Check the PHP version of the server by using the below command.# php -v Step 3: If your domain using PHP version 7.3, open the PHP-FPM configuration file. # vi… Continue Reading How to enable exec() function in PHP-FPM

Sometimes we may delete the cPanel account accidentally. May be we will be having the backups enabled but still inorder to get the latest backup before termination, you can use the below script. Go to the below path/usr/local/cpanel/scripts Create a file with name “prekillacct”vi prekillacct Install AWS CLI in the… Continue Reading Script to backup the cPanel account to S3 before the termination