Follow the below steps to create VPC in AWS Step1: Login to the AWS consoleStep2: Navigate to the VPC board Step3: On the VPC Dashboard, choose Launch VPC Wizard. Step 4: Choose VPC only and give Name tag, private IPv4 address and then click on create. Now VPC will be created.To check… Continue Reading How to create VPC in AWS

We want to reset an admin’s password on an Ubuntu system. Step1: When Booting up the machine, we hold down the left Shift or Esc key. Step2: Select Recovery Mode. Use the arrow keys to scroll to the first boot option from the top that contains (recovery mode). Hit Enter. Step3: Select root. Use the arrow keys to… Continue Reading How to Reset Password on Ubuntu Linux

Introduction If you have the “Mount Backup Drive as Needed” option enabled, cPanel reads the /etc/fstab configuration and looks for a configuration that matches the backup directory that you have configured in the Backup Configuration interface of WHM. It then uses the configuration from the /etc/fstab file to mount the disk that is configured to mount… Continue Reading How to use the automount feature with cPanel backups

Please follow the below steps to mirror a repository. 1) Create a new private repo in the destination GitHub account with the same repo name or different name.2) Open Terminal3) Create a bare clone of the repository in the terminal with the below command. 4) Mirror-push to the new repository with… Continue Reading Mirroring a Repository

Introduction In some cases, you may wish to keep more than one backup of your accounts. Through the WHM Backup Configuration page, you can easily adjust the number of backups that you want to keep.  Procedure To do so, please follow these steps: Log into your server’s WHM interface. 2.… Continue Reading How-To adjust the number backups retained by WHM

In this article we are going to resolve the Nagios alert “(No output on stdout) stderr: connect to address IP port 5666: Connection refused” on ubuntu 18.04 Prerequisites A system running Ubuntu 18.04 should have the following A user account with sudo privileges The System with ufw  The system with… Continue Reading Nagios Alert: (No output on stdout) stderr: connect to address IP port 5666: Connection refused on Ubuntu 18.04

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account and find Spam Filters.  Step 2:Click on “Show Additional Configurations” at the bottom. Step 3:Next, click “Edit Spam Whitelist settings”. Step 4:Click “Add A New “whitelist_from” Item”. If SpamAssassin often blocks certain email senders and marks its emails as spam (incorrectly), it is… Continue Reading How do I whitelist a domain in Spam Assassin on cPanel