Introduction: Google Provides Google Analytics to track our website users and its data. By integrating the GA with our application, we can track our application usage. This document clearly explains how integration is done step by step. Prerequisite: Active google account. Creating Account in Analytics: Visit the link: The… Continue Reading Steps to Integrate GA4 in PHP Laravel

Introduction: Opening port TCP on CentOS 7 is a common task when you want to allow network traffic to reach a specific service or application running on your server. Port TCP is often used for web applications and web servers, including alternative HTTP ports or application-specific services. In this guide,… Continue Reading How to allow any TCP port via Firewall?

Introduction:Session Implementation is essential for managing user authentication and preserving user-specific data in React applications. It allows the application to keep track of a user’s login status, ensuring it can provide personalized experiences and secure access to authorized users. Local storage for session management:Use the localstorage.setItem and localstorage.getItem functions to… Continue Reading Session Implementation In React Js

Basic Guidelines to Upload an Image in React JS Image uploads are a fundamental part of modern web development. Whether you’re building a social media platform, an e-commerce site, or a simple blog, the ability for users to upload images is a common requirement. Image uploads allows users to add… Continue Reading Basic Guidelines to Upload an Image in React JS

IntroductionOpenVZ is an operating-system-level virtualization technology for Linux. It allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system instances, called containers, virtual private servers, or virtual environments Prerequisite (i) Hardware specification (ii) Network specifications Implementation Step 1: Update and upgrade the dependencies  $ yum update && yum upgrade Step… Continue Reading How to Install OpenVZ 7 on CentOS 7

Introduction: In MongoDB, you can create read-only access for users by assigning appropriate roles that grant read-only privileges to the user. MongoDB provides several built-in roles that can be used to grant read-only access. The two most common built-in roles for read-only access are read and readAnyDatabase. Prerequisite: Step 1:Log… Continue Reading How to create read-only access for a user in MongoDB

Go to your facebook meta  for developers “app_id” , change it with our facebook app id Create App add click on none APP MODE : LIVE  When click on Quickstart open platforms for facebook login Add to info.plist In Xcode, right-click your project’s Info.plist file and select Open As ->… Continue Reading Facebook Integration

GOOGLE INTEGRATION 1.Go to the Firebase Console and create a Firebase project: 2.Dependency: yarn add react-native-google-singin 3.Update android/build.gradle with the following configuration: buildscript {     ext {         buildToolsVersion = “27.0.3”         minSdkVersion = 16         compileSdkVersion = 27         targetSdkVersion = 26         supportLibVersion = “27.1.1”         googlePlayServicesAuthVersion = “16.0.1” // <— use this version or… Continue Reading Google Integration

Installing CloudWatch on Lightsail instances provides access to a wide array of metrics.Once CloudWatch is configured, a dedicated namespace linked to the Lightsail instance becomes visible on the CloudWatch dashboard Follow below steps to install a CloudWatch on a Lightsail instance. 1. Log in to the Lightsail instance using connect… Continue Reading How to install CloudWatch on instances run by Lightsail?

There are different ways of communication available to pass data between the components in react projects. Method One: Using Call back functions & props For passing data from parent to child component, we use props. Props data is sent by the parent component and cannot be changed by the child… Continue Reading Passing variables and functions among components in React JS