Go, also known as GoLang is an open source programming language. It was designed to be efficient, easy to learn and to provide support for modern hardware architectures. It is often used to build large scale distributed systems and high-performance applications. Important features: 1.Simplicity – Easy to learn and use.… Continue Reading Introduction to Go Lang

Variables Python does not have a particular syntax or command for creating or declaring variable. A variable is created at the moment we assign a value to it. Ex: x=4 Here variable ‘x’ is assigned with value 4 and is considered integer. x=”John” Here variable x is assigned string value.… Continue Reading Python – Variables and Operators

Introduction: Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language used in various sectors. It is fastest growing programming language. It is not only used among software engineers but also among mathematicians, data analyst,scientist,accountants,etc.. It is very easy to learn and reduces number of lines of codes. Python can be treated in… Continue Reading Python – Basics

Introduction: Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL) is a feature in Windows that allows developers to run Linux environment in windows machine. With the help of this feature, we can run linux in same system without the help of separate virtual machine or dual booting. This is supported by windows 10 and… Continue Reading How to Install UNIX Subsystem in Windows

Introduction: Google Provides Google Analytics to track our website users and its data. By integrating the GA with our application, we can track our application usage. This document clearly explains how integration is done step by step. Prerequisite: Active google account. Creating Account in Analytics: Visit the link: https://analytics.google.com/ The… Continue Reading Steps to Integrate GA4 in PHP Laravel

Introduction: In React Js, Data can be exported to excel sheet for our reference. There are many libraries to perform this function. Here exporting data through exceljs library is explained. Prerequisite: Implementation: Step 1: Install the libraries. npm install exceljs npm install file-saver Step 2: Import them in the required… Continue Reading Export Excel Functionality in React JS