Assumption: AWS access key has a privilege to create snapshot. Aws Tag name has to be passed as an argument. Replace aws access key and secret key with proper keys #!/usr/bin/python #Author:Dhanasekaran N #Version:1.0 #Here come I……. from datetime import datetime, timedelta import datetime import time from dateutil import… Continue Reading Python script to take Amazon volume backup of an instance

This post guides you to install ffmpeg on ubuntu server. Let’s update all the repo’s on the host. apt-get update   Install the required package using apt-get install. apt-get -y –force-yes install autoconf automake build-essential libass-dev libfreetype6-dev libgpac-dev libsdl1.2-dev libtheora-dev libtool libva-dev libvdpau-dev libvorbis-dev libxcb1-dev libxcb-shm0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev pkg-config texi2html zlib1g-dev yasm… Continue Reading Install ffmepg on Ubuntu Server

1. Install Linux dependencies GCC and Make(On Redis Server) sudo yum -y install gcc make   2. Download, Untar and Make Redis 3.0 wget http://<Download the latest file from the redis official site> tar xzf redis-3.3.0-rc3.tar.gz cd redis-3.0.0-rc3 make   3. Create Directories and Copy Redis Files sudo mkdir /etc/redis /var/lib/redis… Continue Reading RedisMaster and Slave Setup

Follow the step by step instructions given below to install s3cmd tool:- =====  * Download the latest version of s3cmd through SourceForge (SourceForge – Latest released version is 1.5.2  ) and unzip it. Example: wget * Change directory the s3cmd-1.5.2 (ie) “cd s3cmd-1.5.2″. * Install setup tools using below command: —— – For Debian OS use… Continue Reading S3cmd Installation on Linux

First thing to know is that you can use “telnet” (usually on default port 6397) telnet localhost 6397 or the Redis CLI client redis-cli to connect to Redis. The advantage of redis-cli is that you have a help interface and command line history. CLI Queries Here is a short list… Continue Reading Redis Common Commands

The below script is used to delete the same memcache key or multiple memcache keys across multiple memcache hosts. Assumption: If below mentioned condition doesn’t satisfied then the script may fail or may not work. All you have to do is modify/tweak the script as per your requirement Script assumes… Continue Reading Script to delete Memcache key on cluster

Mongodb Introduction: Mongo is a open source database which uses nosql mechanism to store the data. The advantage of mongodb is simple and no structure is required. Mongodb Installation: Create a file mongodb-org-3.2.repo with the following content on /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-3.2.repo     [mongodb-org-3.2] name=MongoDB Repository baseurl=$releasever/mongodb-org/3.2/x86_64/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=1 gpgkey= 2. Install MongoDB… Continue Reading Mongo Cluster Setup

In a Linux System, services like Apache, mysql write temporary files to /tmp partition. If /tmp partition is full then there is a high chance of service could crash. To overcome this situation, we are going to use tmpwatch utility to clear the /tmp partition. Let’s install tmpwatch utility. If… Continue Reading Using tmpwatch to clear files from /tmp partition

Recently, we have upgraded MSSQL version from Evaluation version to Web Edition. We would like to post the step in this article which will help someone to upgrade MSSQL.   There are few things which we need to consider while upgrading. +  Lets take a backup of all the database.… Continue Reading Upgrade MS Sql Server from Evaluation version to Web Edition

We would like to post few random switch commands that we used in our  day to day life. To get the switch port of a MAC address, use the following command. # show mac address-table address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Aging time is 300 sec Vlan Mac Address Port Type ——– ——————— ———-… Continue Reading Random useful switch Commands