Recently, we have upgraded MSSQL version from Evaluation version to Web Edition. We would like to post the step in this article which will help someone to upgrade MSSQL.


There are few things which we need to consider while upgrading.

+  Lets take a backup of all the database. Incase of something goes wrong, we can restore the databases from these backups.

+ Remove Analysis service on Evaluation service. As per we know, one of the important difference between Evaluation & Web Edition is Analysis Service. So before going to upgrade, uninstall Analysis Service.


The process of removing Analysis service is straight forward.
1. Go to Program & Features and select Uninstall Program

2. Right click Microsoft  SQL Server and select Uninstall/Change

3. Select Remove and Identify the correct Instance.




3. Select only Analysis Services. Don’t select all the feature.











4. Complete the remove process.

Now, let’s get the upgrade done.

Attach SQL Web edition installer to the system. You may use ISO to mount the installer or Copy the installer to system.

1. Click on the installer and select Maintenance and select Edition Upgrade.









2. Enter the Product Key









3. Select the Evaluation instances and complete the upgrade.


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