Date Posted:06-01-2017 In many scenario, we don’t want particular page to be crawled by bots or we want page to be restricted for particular users. In this post, we gonna explain on how to add authorization page on nginx webserver. Incase, if the server doesn’t have nginx installed, please follow… Continue Reading Enable Authorization(password protected) page on nginx – Ubuntu

Date Posted:05-01-2016 By default, apache logs the IP address where the request comes from. Consider a scenario where webserver(in our post, we deals with apache) behind load balancer either EC2 load balancer or haproxy load balancer,etc., where the request will come to load balancer and loadbalancer transfer the request to… Continue Reading Enable remote IP address logging on apache2 behind load balancer

Date Posted on:04-01-2017 Ubuntu 16.04 doesn’t have php 5.6 by default. Normally, if we install php on ubuntu 16.04, it will install php 7. Many application (at the time of this post 04-01-2017) runs only with php 5.6 and may face issue with Php7. In this post, we are gonna… Continue Reading Install apache 2.4, php5.6 on Ubuntu 16.04

This post assumes that nginx already installed on the server. If its not installed, please refer the following post to install nginx. We assumes that host is ubuntu and installation path is /etc/nginx. You can follow the same post incase of different OS or installation path is different. You may… Continue Reading Configure multiple domains(virtualhost) on nginx webserver