Plesk internal server error with PHP handlers  Plesk internal server error with PHP handlers:  When using Plesk PHP 5.3.x, php pages in plesk will be throwing internal server error. This plesk einternal server error was troubling a lot where i tried to change the handlers but it didn’t fix the issue. when… Continue Reading Plesk internal server error with PHP CGI/FCGI

Detect top 10 spammers in exim Eximstats is a useful command to find spamming in the cpanel server. Execute the following command in your terminal. Exim stats can detect top 10 spammers easily via the number of emails sent out. /usr/sbin/eximstats -t10 /var/log/exim_mainlog > teststats The stats output will be… Continue Reading Exim detect top 10 spammers

How do I flush a computer DNS cache?To flush DNS cache in your computer or PCFlush dns to get a new nameserver resolution for a domain. Flushing DNS cache might also helps you to check new redistered domain is accessable in the browser or not. You can simply flush your… Continue Reading How do I flush a computer DNS cache?

WordPress upload directory isn’t writable. Server error. When you have added a 3rd party plugin in the wordpress, there might be a change that you will get the above error. The simple solution for this issue is changing the permission of uploads, special integrated theme upload and upgrade directory to 777

I have installed the CSF in the server. When I try to run the perl test in the CSF, it is giving the following error. # perl /etc/csf/ Testing ip_tables/iptable_filter…OK Testing ipt_LOG…OK Testing ipt_multiport/xt_multiport…OK Testing ipt_REJECT…OK Testing ipt_state/xt_state…OK Testing ipt_limit/xt_limit…OK Testing ipt_recent…FAILED [Error: iptables: Unknown error 4294967295] – Required for… Continue Reading CSF error some missing iptables modules [4] ipt_REDIRECT…FAILED, ipt_owner, ipt_recent, iptables_nat

At  times, you will find the following error message in the “/var/log/messages” ======= FAIL: ftp per_source_limit ======= You can resolve the issue by adding the following line in the file ‘/etc/xinet.d/ftp_psa’ ======= per_source            = UNLIMITED  ======= After saving the file, restart xinet.d by using the following command. /sbin/service xinetd… Continue Reading FAIL: ftp per_source_limit

At times, you may get many emails notifying about the Dr.Web service. You may disable it by following the steps mentioned below: It differs from one Plesk version to that of the other. For Plesk 8: Edit the file ‘/etc/drweb/drweb32.ini‘ and set UpdateNotify = no For plesk 9: Edit the… Continue Reading Disable Dr.Web email notifications

If web statistics present in the Plesk panel is not working, you can run the following command in the command prompt. ========== %plesk_bin%\statistics.exe” –all – –from-date=2012/5/2 ========== You can find more options by running statistics.exe –help Have a Accurate Web Statistics 🙂

1. Create a user: useradd testpasswd test 2. Add this user in wheel group. usermod -a -G wheel test 3. Now, Edit PAM configuration file for su. (/etc/pam.d/su) —-  vi /etc/pam.d/su uncomment below line auth sufficient /lib/security/$ISA/ trust use_uid This will allow users in wheel group as a trusted users.… Continue Reading Wheel user to become as root (su -) without password

# inode checking : Inode Usage :  1) You can check the inodes of an account on your server by using SSH: # quota -s 2) If you have SSH access to your account you can view the inodes for a specific folder using the following command : root@XXX [/]#… Continue Reading How to resolve : Internal server Error when accessing cPanel/WHM/Webmail