Plesk internal server error with PHP handlers 
Plesk internal server error with PHP handlers:  When using Plesk PHP 5.3.x, php pages in plesk will be throwing internal server error. This plesk einternal server error was troubling a lot where i tried to change the handlers but it didn’t fix the issue. when you select the PHP handler as CGI/FCGI, you will be finding the following error message in the Apache logs.
Premature end of script headers: cgi_wrapper (13)Permission denied: exec of ‘/usr/sbin/suexec’ failed
I have searched lot of forums to find the possible solution to fix the plesk internal server error. I was not able to find any solution. At last I found a solution to fix the plesk php internal server error. Just follow the steps below to fix the issue permanently.

To resolve the issue, change the ownership of the  plesk suexe ‘/usr/sbin/suexec’ as follows: “root:apache”

Previously, the ownership will be as follows: “root:root”


The PHP pages will be loading fine…

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