Detect top 10 spammers in exim
Eximstats is a useful command to find spamming in the cpanel server. Execute the following command in your terminal. Exim stats can detect top 10 spammers easily via the number of emails sent out.

/usr/sbin/eximstats -t10 /var/log/exim_mainlog > teststats

The stats output will be appended to a file called “teststats”. This have the following data.

(t10 is an option which shows the top 5 count)
The above command gives the following details:

* Top 10 local destinations by volume
* Top 10 local destinations by message count
* Top 10 sending hosts by volume
* Top 10 sending hosts by message count

and other stats such as total number of mails received and
delivered…top 10 sender (username) and many other data are available in that file.

You just need to vi to that file or less the file.

vi teststats or less teststats

You will get all the information in the spammer account and email id.

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