We can use the following command to calculate the inode usage of a directory. It will be used in troubleshooting the “Disk quota” issue in cPanel server to find out which directory is using highest number of inodes ===== printf “===\nInode usage :$(pwd)\n===\n\n”;for i in `find -maxdepth 1 -type d|cut… Continue Reading Calculate inode usage

Sometimes, we need the mail logs to find out the reason why the mails has been bounced back. The following script will help you to find the same. Actually, this type of script needed for the server which is used for email marketing application.   As most of the email… Continue Reading Script to identify the reason for bounced back emails

CXS is a paid scanner which is more compatible with cPanel servers. The following script is to scan the server using CXS and will send the scan report to your email address. ===== #!/bin/bash DATE=$(date +%F_%H:%M) REPORT=/root/cxs-{DATE}.txt HOST=$(hostname) CXS=$(which cxs) EMAIL_ID=”youremail@domain.tld” $CXS –allusers –generate –report $REPORT if [ -s $REPORT… Continue Reading Script to scan the server using CXS

Sometimes, you would need to give sudo privilege to many users. For providing sudo privilege for a single user, refer the following post.   —– https://blog.pheonixsolutions.com/wheel-user-to-become-as-root-su-without-password/ —–   For providing sudo privilege for many users, create a group and add all the users in that group. So, if we give… Continue Reading Providing sudo privilege for a group.

The below article explains the steps to create an email accounts in cPanel. + Login to cPanel and search email options in search Box as shown in the Below Diagram and click on “Email Accounts”     + Enter that details of your email acocunts.     + Click on… Continue Reading Create an email account in cpanel – demo

The container may not stop some particular time and if you search in the logs, you may not get the exact reason for not stopping the node. ======= $ vzctl stop VEID –fast Stopping container … Unable to stop container: operation timed out =======   The following work around will… Continue Reading Unable to stop container operation timed out

Sometimes, we will have the ssh root access without WHM access. If suppose, you want to change the package, owner, etc., for an account. In WHM, you can edit the settings easily. Here is the post to explain, how to change the account settings in backend. + Login to server… Continue Reading Edit package, Owner of an account in cPanel backend

+ First, we would need to add the FTP login details in .netrc file. If this file is not present then you can create new .netrc file. Please note that the permission of this file should be 600. ——————- machine IPADDDRESS login username password password ——————- + Create a backup… Continue Reading FTP backup scipt for all the mysql databases

The below mentioned steps are used to send an email from remote servers. +  First thing, we will need to convert our login credentials into base64. We can convert by using the following perl scripts. ======= $ perl -MMIME::Base64 -e ‘print encode_base64(“test\@domainname”)’ $ perl -MMIME::Base64 -e ‘print encode_base64(“password”)’ =======  … Continue Reading Send an email using telnet from remote servers