Introduction: MySQL’s slow query log makes it easy to track SQL queries that take more than a specific time for execution. This allows you to find inefficient SQL queries that can be optimized to improve database performance. Prerequisite: Implementation: Step 1: SSH the server with the user having sudo privileges… Continue Reading How to enable the slow query log – Mysql in Linux

Introduction: osTicket is a free and open source ticketing system for Linux. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL/MariaDB as a database backend. It also supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. osTicket is a helpdesk solution suitable for organizations of all sizes. It is excellent for managing your customer inquiries created… Continue Reading How to install osTicket on ubuntu 20.04

Sometimes, a WordPress user, with one of the following capabilities, such as administrator, editor, author, contributor, or subscriber, forgets its login credentials, especially the password. WordPress passwords can be easily changed via the “Lost Password” WordPress login form. However, if the WordPress account has no way of accessing his email… Continue Reading How to reset the WordPress password in Mysql

To disable foreign key constraints when you want to truncate a table: Use FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS and remember to enable it when you’re done:

MySQL replication should work without problems even if the servers are restarted, databases created and removed, data flowing in and out. Sometimes, however, there are errors that are breaking the replication process. It is good to know once such situation appears. Please find the bash script below which gives the… Continue Reading MySQL replication status alerts with bash script

If the mysqld server receives too many connection requests from the host that is interrupted in the middle, the following error occurs: The max_connect_errors system variable determines the number of successive interrupted connection requests that are allowed. Once there are max_connect_errors failed requests without a successful connection, mysqld assumes that something is… Continue Reading Host host_name is blocked

We got this Error when we upgraded Bugzilla. This is a normal database error as well. When we ran ./, we got this error. After following the below steps we upgraded Bugzilla successfully. 1) First we need to check the database version.mysql –version2) If it is below 5.5 then we… Continue Reading The used table type doesn’t support FULLTEXT indexes

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Tutorial on how to connect python with MySQldb Date posted: 20/03/2019 Introduction: In this article helps you in connect python with MySQldb and insert queries in DB.  This example is explained based on Linux environment in Centos 7. Prerequisites: For centOS and RHEL based environment: 2. Pip installation is most… Continue Reading Tutorial on how to connect python with MySQldb

Date posted : 23/01/2019 Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL MySQL MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. Step 1: A new user can be created within the MySQL shell, using the following statement: CREATE USER ‘pheonix’@’localhost’… Continue Reading Create a New User and Grant Permissions in MySQL