We got this Error when we upgraded Bugzilla. This is a normal database error as well.

When we ran ./checksetup.pl, we got this error. After following the below steps we upgraded Bugzilla successfully.

1) First we need to check the database version.
mysql –version
2) If it is below 5.5 then we need to upgrade the version or if you don’t want to upgrade then simply replace the engine=innodb to engine=MyISAM.
3) Go to MYSQL configuration file inside the Bugzilla folder and search for “engine” and replace ‘innodb’ with MyISAM.
ex:- In the config file it will look like below
ALTER TABLE bugs_fulltext ENGINE=InnoDB
You need to change it as like below.
4 Run ./checksetup.pl again and you will get a message as “checksetup.pl completed successfully”.
5. If you get the above error for normal MYSQL DB(not related to Bugzilla) then just goto MYSQL config file located inside MYSQL and do search for engine and replace it with MyISAM.

MyISAM is the only type of table that Mysql supports for Full-text indexes.

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