I got the above error when I am executing the bash script with mail command. In the scripts you use -a in the mail commands to attach the logfile. This does not function and results in an error that an invalid header is being added to the mail. Looking in… Continue Reading Invalid header: /var/log/rkhunter.log

Step 1:- Login to the AWS Management console Step 2:- Search AWS Amplify on the search bar and click on it. Step3:- Select GET STARTED and on Deliver section click on GET STARTED Step 4:-  Navigate All Page > New tab > Host web app Step 5:- Choose “Deploy without… Continue Reading How to deploy a code on AWS Amplify

If you get the above error when you setup Jenkins job, please follow the below steps. There may be several reasons behind this error. One the reason may be if you don’t have git installed where you have jenkins server. To avoid this you can use the below given command.… Continue Reading Failed to connect to repository Error performing git command git ls-remote -h https github com jenikis hook git HEAD

Step 1: Download the latest WordPress file (Download | WordPress.org) Step 2: Log in to your cPanel. And click “File Manager” in the file section Step 3: Goto Domain folder Steps 4: Click on upload and select the downloaded wordpress zip file,Right click on the zip file and click on extract Step… Continue Reading How to install WordPress in cPanel without Softaculous