Step 1: Download the latest WordPress file (Download |

Step 2: Log in to your cPanel. And click “File Manager” in the file section

Step 3: Goto Domain folder

Steps 4: Click on upload and select the downloaded wordpress zip file,Right click on the zip file and click on extract

Step 5: extract the file directly under public_html

Stpe 6: After extracting the Zip file make sure to delete the zip file.

Step 7: Goto database and select database wizard

Step 8: Now create a database by giving Databasename, username, password and save the changes.

Step 9: Open the domain link in a new browser

Step 10: Click on run the installation

Step 11: Provide the site Title, username and email then click on install wordpress

Step 12: Now try to login WordPress website with the saved credentials.

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