When the two modules namely “mod_expires” and “mod_headers” has been enabled in the server, you can increase the access speed of your website by entering the following in your .htaccess. ===================== # BEGIN Compress text files SetOutputFilter DEFLATE # END Compress text files # BEGIN Expire headers ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault “access… Continue Reading Increase the access Speed of the site using .htaccess Cache

———————————————————–How to partition a disk, set its file type & then mount it———————————————————– 1) To know all the disks attached to VPS/Server type # fdisk -l It will show you all the disk along with the unpartitioned disk. Let we attached a new disk “/dev/xvdb” to server. It will show… Continue Reading Partition a new drive in a server/VPS

+ Plesk URL:https://IP address:8443 + Plesk admin password:/etc/psa/.psa.shadow. For newer version(that is plesk10), the password is stored in encrypted format in /etc/psa/.psa.shadow. So, you can retrieve the password by executing the following command. /usr/local/psa/bin/admin –show-password + Version: /usr/local/psa/version. + Plesk configuration file : /etc/psa/psa.conf. The backup location is mentioned in… Continue Reading Plesk back end files

FOR BOTH LINUX AND WINDOWS SERVERS:In a shared server(both linux and windows), it is quite tedious to determine the email password for email accounts if you are not much familiar with MySQL. But you can use the following command to retrieve all the email password for a domain. =======SELECT mail.mail_name,… Continue Reading Plesk + Retrieve EMAIL account password

Search Engines plays a bigger role in advertising the site and increasing the visitors to the site. Along with that, Search engine sometimes brings out the files that are to be hidden. In order to prevent the files from indexing in Search Engine, here are the steps you need to… Continue Reading Prevent files from Indexing in Search engine

Redirect http to https Apache secure connection  Let us say you have webmail sub-domain called http://mail.nixcraft.com and you would like to redirect it to https secure connection i.e. https://mail.nixcraft.com. This will help you protect user privacy and sensitive information such as username and password remotely. So how do you configure… Continue Reading Redirect http to https

FileZilla is a free, graphics based FTP client that turns FTP into a simple drag-and-drop and right-click and select environment. You can download FileZilla from http://filezilla-project.org/download.php. Once you have FileZilla downloaded and installed, run it. A window will open that will have boxes for your host and login details and… Continue Reading FTP experience much more pleasant and friendly, is using an FTP client- “FileZilla”

Catching Spammers on cPanel Servers: Follow the steps given below to catch Spammers sending mails from scripts ( nobody emails 1. Edit /etc/exim.conf 2. On the second line add (After hostlist auth_relay_hosts = * ) : log_selector = +address_rewrite +all_parents +arguments +connection_reject +delay_delivery +delivery_size +dnslist_defer +incoming_interface +incoming_port +lost_incoming_connection +queue_run +received_sender… Continue Reading Catching Spammers on cPanel Server -EXIM (MTA)

I have a server and running with Apache. I know that the cPanel has the bandwidth limit but the user should not exceed the normal limit of band width for a day or hour. How should I do that using Apache. You can use mod_bw on apache2 to limit the… Continue Reading Limit apache bandwidth per user

Forward Outgoing email in cPanel———————————————— I like to forward all incoming and outgoing email from my domain to another gmail or yahoo account. I am running with cPanel server. How should I do this. Also the emails that are being forwarded should not be know to any one. Unseen delivery… Continue Reading Forward Outgoing email