Arrays in Javascript Date: 19/02/2020 Introduction Array in Javascript has some of the in-built methods that are very much handy when manipulating the array contents than whatever operation you can do with forEach or for a loop. If you know how to handle those in-built methods, you can tackle some… Continue Reading Arrays in Javascript

JQUERY | empty() and remove() Date: 10/02/2020 Introduction: Empty: Jquery empty() and remove() methods are the jquery inbuilt methods, which are used to remove the HTML element and contents. empty() – empty() method is used to remove all the child nodes from the content from the selected content. Before clicking… Continue Reading JQUERY | empty() and remove()

THE WALRUS OPERATOR IN PYTHON 3.8 Date: 29/01/2020 Introduction Walrus Operator is another name for Assignment Expressions. I will explain in detail in this article. Assignment Expressions are written with a new notation which is colon followed by equal to expression ( := ) . It allows you to assign… Continue Reading THE WALRUS OPERATOR IN PYTHON 3.8