Sometimes, a WordPress user, with one of the following capabilities, such as administrator, editor, author, contributor, or subscriber, forgets its login credentials, especially the password. WordPress passwords can be easily changed via the “Lost Password” WordPress login form. However, if the WordPress account has no way of accessing his email… Continue Reading How to reset the WordPress password in Mysql

How can Plesk admin password be retrieved?To Retrieve Plesk Admin Pass Windows server, follow the simple steps below Resolution Apart from the password reminder available on the login screen, you can use the plesksrvclient.exe utility located in %plesk_bin% folder to set up a new password or retrieve the old one. You… Continue Reading Retrieve Plesk Admin Pass Windows server

How to reset/change cPanel password?If you like to change/reset your cPanel password, kindly follow the steps below. ============= 1) Go to your cPanel login page. 2) Under “Password Reset” 3) Enter the “Username” of your account. 4) A reset e-mail will reach your registered email account ============= You can also… Continue Reading How to reset/change cPanel password?