Introduction: In this post, you create an SQL Server database instance in Amazon RDS. Step:1 Navigate to the Amazon RDS console. On the main page, choose Create Database to create a new database. Step:2 This initiates the database creation wizard. In the Engine options section, choose Microsoft SQL Server as the Engine type. Then choose the edition… Continue Reading How to create a SQL Server database instance in Amazon RDS?

Installing CloudWatch on Lightsail instances provides access to a wide array of metrics.Once CloudWatch is configured, a dedicated namespace linked to the Lightsail instance becomes visible on the CloudWatch dashboard Follow below steps to install a CloudWatch on a Lightsail instance. 1. Log in to the Lightsail instance using connect… Continue Reading How to install CloudWatch on instances run by Lightsail?

Mounting Amazon S3 Cloud Storage in Windows: Open Windows PowerShell as Administrator. Create the directory to download and store rclone files: mkdir c:\rclone Go to the created directory: cd c:\rclone Download rclone by using the direct link mentioned above: Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “” -OutFile “c:\rclone\” Extract files from the downloaded archive: Expand-Archive -path ‘c:\rclone\’ -destinationpath… Continue Reading How to Mount Amazon S3 bucket as a Drive 

Step1: Login to the AWS accountStep2: Navigate to the S3 bucket and go to permissions Step3: Click on edit bucket policy and add the below policy: {“Version”: “2008-10-17”,“Id”: “S3PolicyId1”,“Statement”: [{“Sid”: “IPAllow”,“Effect”: “Deny”,“Principal”: {“AWS”: “” }, “Action”: “s3:“,“Resource”: “arn:aws:s3:::bucket-name/*”,“Condition”: {“NotIpAddress”: {“aws:SourceIp”: [“ip1”,“ip2”]}}}]} Step 4: Click on save changes

To overcome the deprecation notice error while logging into PHPMyAdmin follow the below steps: Step 1: Log in to the server and check for the PHP version Step 2: Edit the file will be located in /etc/phpmyadmin/ or in /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ Step 3: Add below command to the file and save… Continue Reading “Deprecation Notice” error in PhpMyAdmin with ubuntu 20.04, php7.4

Follow the below steps to create VPC in AWS Step1: Login to the AWS consoleStep2: Navigate to the VPC board Step3: On the VPC Dashboard, choose Launch VPC Wizard. Step 4: Choose VPC only and give Name tag, private IPv4 address and then click on create. Now VPC will be created.To check… Continue Reading How to create VPC in AWS

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account and find Spam Filters.  Step 2:Click on “Show Additional Configurations” at the bottom. Step 3:Next, click “Edit Spam Whitelist settings”. Step 4:Click “Add A New “whitelist_from” Item”. If SpamAssassin often blocks certain email senders and marks its emails as spam (incorrectly), it is… Continue Reading How do I whitelist a domain in Spam Assassin on cPanel