Date Posted:13-03-2017

Ajenti is a open source control panel which works with java. The beauty of the control panel is it will auto discover the application and display it on the control panel. It also has option to install services in it.


  1. Ubuntu Host. In this post, we use ubuntu host to install ajenti control panel.


Install the dependency on the ubuntu host.

apt-get install wget sudo libc6

Add the key to the server.

wget -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Add the ajenti repo to the server repo list

echo "deb main main debian" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Perform the update to update the repo list.

apt-get update

Install the ajenti control panel using apt-get

apt-get install ajenti

Start the ajenti service.

service ajenti start

Control Panel access:

Access the control panel using the IP address




Once you login change the password of the Ajenti control panel.

DashBoard > Password.

In future post, we will add on how to add domains, FTP, Mail accounts. Post your comments below 🙂


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