1)To achieve the above, first we need to install docker. Please follow the below link to install docker.https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/ubuntu/#install-using-the-repository 2) Create a sample application. Create a directory called “helloapp”. Create file index.js.mkdir helloappcd helloappvi index.js 3) Copy and paste the below content. const express = require(“express”);const app = express();app.get(“/”, (req, res)… Continue Reading Deploy a sample app with Docker over SSL

How to create docker container Date posted : 28/12/2018 What is Docker ? Docker is a containerization platform that packages your application and all its dependencies together in the form of a docker container to ensure that your application works seamlessly in any environment. What is Container ? Docker Container… Continue Reading How to create docker container

Date Posted : 20/12/2018 How to install Docker in Centos 7 Docker is a most handy DevOps tool used nowadays. In this post, we will explain Docker-CE installation and uninstallation steps. Prerequisites OS requirements To install Docker CE, you need to maintained version of CentOS 7. Therefore, archived versions aren’t… Continue Reading How to install Docker in Centos 7

Date Posted: 17-03-2017 Docker is a most handy devops tool used nowdays. In this post, we explains few things about docker starts from installation. We tested docker on ubuntu machine. The docker command whatever we deals in the post will be same all linux flavors. Installation and few other command… Continue Reading Overview of Docker|Docker Commands