Common conflict in Plesk: the Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate Y bytes) in Linux.

Date posted: 25/07/2019


The error will occur due to the memory limit is exceeded by Plesk PHP back-end.

Moreover, this memory exceeded will results in unable to extract the big files in PLESK CONTROL PANEL.

Sample error for reference

Most importantly following errors appears in Plesk GUI:

ERROR: the Allowed memory size of 1629073 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 96 bytes)

ERROR: Out of memory (allocated 23866324) (tried to allocate 12997459 bytes) (Abstract.php:71)


  1. Login to Plesk server via SSH access.

2. Meanwhile, open the Plesk PHP configuration file php.ini in a Vim /Nano text editor and increase the memory_limit size:


In the same vein, increase the memory limit based on your server capability.

3 .Then subsequently restart the Plesk management service using this command line commands.

service sw-engine restart
service sw-cp-server restart

That’s it. Memory exceeded error will be eradicated in the Plesk server

Thanks for using pheonix solutions.

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