Go, also known as GoLang is an open source programming language. It was designed to be efficient, easy to learn and to provide support for modern hardware architectures. It is often used to build large scale distributed systems and high-performance applications.

Important features:

1.Simplicity – Easy to learn and use. Syntax will be straightforward.
2.Concurrency – Support multicore and distributed systems.
3.Garbage Collection – Automatic memory management.
4.Fast Compilation – Compiler is fast.
5.Cross-platform support – Can be compiled on many different platforms.
6.Strong Typing – Errors can be corrected during compile time.
7.Large community.


  1. Text editor – Any text editors can be used. Ex-notepad, VS code, etc..
  2. Compiler -To run Go programs

The extension to save the go file is “.go”

Simple program:

package main
import “fmt”

function main(){
fmt.println(“Hello World”)


Hello World

fmt is a package which has files which needs for the program.


1.No support for generics.
2.Packages used here are not so object-oriented.
3.Absence of Some libraries used for UI tool kit.
4.Immature Standard Library – Libraries are new and still developing which makes difficult to use.

Popular Applications developed using Golang:

1.Docker – set of tools for deploying linux containers.
2.OpenShift – cloud computing platform as a service
3.DropBox – migrated some components from Python to Go.
4.Netflix – for two part of their servc=ice architecture.

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