Connecting to NAS backup is quite simple actually.
Network Backup is a simple Network Attached Storage (NAS) array that can be directly accessed over Ethernet using standard IP protocols such as SAMBA/CIFS and FTP. Network Backup needs to be accessed from within your server.
You have to first log into the server.
Once you are logged in simply ftp into the NAS.
You will be given the IP address in the initial NAS installation ticket.
If you are unable to find the ticket please feel free to contact us.
You can actually mount your drive to the NAS. To do so please do the following:

On a UNIX System:
Assuming you have already installed SAMBA, issue the following command:
smbmount //ip address/username mountpoint -o username=username
For example: smbmount //123.456.789/cXXXX /mnt/backup -o username=cXXXXX
Samba will prompt you for your password. This will attach your service to the
mount point defined on the command line as though it was a local disk.


Windows 2003 Server:
Open Windows Explorer.
On the Tools Menu, click Map Network Drive
Select a drive letter.
Place “\\ip address\username” in the Path line;
For example \\123.456.789\cXXXXX
Click the “Reconnect at logon” checkbox.
Click OK.
Login to the share with the username and password provided.
Click the “Remember password” checkbox.
Click OK.
This will attach your NAS Backup service to the drive
letter you selected. At this point, the Backup service operates like
a drive directly connected to your server. Simply copy the files you
wish to archive into the drive letter you have mapped to your NAS Backup service.

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