Install Python, PIP and Boto on Windows server 2016

Date Posted:15-04-2017

Python is a famous scripting language and we will explain on how to install python, pip and boto library on windows server. In this post, we will cover on installing python 3 and pip python installer. Additionally, this post deals with how to install boto library using pip installer.


Open Powershell  and set Execution policy for user to remote signed.  This will let the server to download and run the script from internet.

Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser

when it prompt for execution policy, enter RemoteSigned

Create  a webclient object on powershell.

$script = New-Object Net.WebClient

Setup a download string for chocolatey to download. Chocolatey is similar to apt-get or yum  command which we used in linux distro


Install chocolatey using the below command.

iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex


iwr stands for Invoke-webrequest

iex stands for Invoke-Expression

The above command will install chocolatey on the windows host.

Install Python 3:

Using chocolatey, we will be installing python3 version on the windows server.

choco install -y python3

This will install python3 version, pip and the installation path will be C:\Python3\python.exe

Enter the below command to check the python version. Moreover, you can check the installation as well.

python -V

Install Boto:

Boto is a module to connect aws resources in a python environment. We will use pip to install boto module on windows server.

Cd to the python installed directory

cd c:\python3

Execute the below command to install boto module

pip.exe install boto

Additional Information:

As an additional information, we will explain on installing  nano editor on windows server. Nano is a command line editor which is famous on linux distro. This will be useful to edit files on powershell.

Execute below choco command to install nano editor.

choco install -y nano


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