Learn how to add a GraphQL API to a React app using Apollo Client and TypeScript. This makes handling data easier and more Powerful.

Install Apollo Client and GraphQL
yarn add @apollo/client graphql
npm install @apollo/client graphql

Setup Apollo Client
setting up Apollo Client to interact with a Graphql API. This setup is essential for connecting your React application to a GraphQL API using Apollo Client.

Add ApolloProvider to the APP:
This will make Apollo Client available to the whole app so we can use it to get data from your GraphQL API.

Fetch Data with Apollo Client
This component shows how to use Apollo Client to get data from a GraphQL API. It also manages showing a loading message while the data is loading and displays an error message if something goes wrong in a React app.

Learn how Apollo Client fetches data from a GraphQL API, handles loading states, and manages errors in a React application.

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