My customer said his webmail login page shows over quota error. When I checked his account, it was over quota. I have increased his cPanel user quota. However, the over quota issue still appears in the cPanel account and in webmail accounts.

Internal Server Error

User ‘useraccount’ is over quota.

What should I do?? For one cPanel user running /script/upcp is ridiculous still I have made it. However the  “User ‘useraccount’ is over quota” still appears in the cPanel and webmail.



1) First check if the user quota is available. I mean, check if the user has enough diskspace and still if the issue appears follow the steps below.

2) First run  /scripts/fixquotas or  /scripts/fixquotas –force
    Check if this fix this issue.

3) If not, then
# cd /var/cpanel/overquota/
# ll |grep username
-rw——-  1 root root    41 Mar 27 17:26 username
# mv username username_bak
#/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

This will fix the issue 100%. Ask the user to clear the browser cache and verify the same from your end.

4) If you still have this issue go for /scripts/upcp –force

Thats it…… 🙂

Please let us know your comments if it is useful to you.

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