We can use DKIMProxy to achieve this. DKIMproxy is written in Perl. Some of the perl modules needed for proper working of DKIM. We can use “Cpan” to install the necessary modules. ————cpan install Crypt::OpenSSL::RSAcpan install Digest::SHAcpan install Mail::Addresscpan install MIME::Base64cpan install Net::DNScpan install Net::Servercpan install Error———— Download and install… Continue Reading DKIM – enable in EXIM

We can change mysql data directory by doing the following steps. + Stop the mysql service. #/etc/init.d/mysql stop + Create a directory in /home directory (Normally /home contains large disk space) # mkdir /home/var_mysql + Move the mysql data directory to new location i.e., /home/var_mysql # mv /var/lib/mysql /home/var_mysql +… Continue Reading Change Mysql data directory

We will get the following notification from the server about the domain was expired. ===========Subject: Domain event notification: The period of validity is about to expire. The validity period of domain ‘domainame’, owned by user account ‘admin’ (Contact name ‘xxx’) is about to expire.The domain and all of its services… Continue Reading Subject: Domain event notification: The period of validity is about to expireThe validity period of domain ‘domain name’, owned by user account.

When we accessing the asp website, sometimes we will get the following error. ========= ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘CDONTS.NewMail’========= It indicates that CDONT(Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for NTS) is not installed in the server. 1. First Download the CDONTS.ZIP file from the following URL. ========http://kb.parallels.com/Attachments/6336/Attachments/cdonts.zip======== 2. Unzip the file… Continue Reading ActiveX component can’t create object: ‘CDONTS.NewMail’

Some times, we will get the following error when we try to drop the database from PHP my admin. ========ErrorSQL query:DROP DATABASE `databasename`MySQL said:#6 – Error on delete of ‘./databasename’ (Errcode: 13)======== The problem is with wrong permission of /var/lib/mysql. You can fix the issue by changing the permission of… Continue Reading #6 – Error on delete of ‘./database’ (Errcode: 13)

You can execute the following command for getting the “mysql” root password of the server in Ensim control panel. [root@test]#ensim-python -c “import sys;sys.path.append(\”/usr/lib/opcenter/mysql\”);import mysqlbe;print mysqlbe.read_mysqlpass()” [or] [root@test]#ensim-python -c “from vh3 import virthost; from vh3.modules import mysql; print mysql.GetMySQLRootPass()” Both command will return the mysql root password.

We can reset the plesk admin password by doing the following steps. 1. Login to the server as root. 2. [root@test]# cd /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/ 3.Enter the following command [root@bin]#export PSA_PASSWORD=’newpass’ 4.Execute the command “./ch_admin_passwd ” and it will reset the plesk admin with new one which we entered now. [root@bin]#./ch_admin_passwd Now… Continue Reading How to reset the Plesk Admin password

After installing suPHP on server, the directories which is having the permission more than 755 and files which is having more than 644 will not work in the browser. The browser will show the Internal server error. For fixing the suPhp error, you can use the following scripts. 1. find… Continue Reading Fixing File and Folder Permission on suPHP

We can increase the /tmp directory by doing the following steps: cd /usrdd if=/dev/zero of=/usr/tmpMnt bs=1024 count=2000000 mke2fs -j /usr/tmpMnt cd /cp -R /tmp /tmp_backup mount -o loop,noexec,nosuid,rw /usr/tmpMnt /tmpchmod 0777 /tmp/bin/cp -R /tmp_backup/* /tmp/rm -rf /tmp_backup + Now, we will need to add this new block device in fstab.… Continue Reading Increase /tmp size