What is React
1.React is a open source java script library developed by facebook
2.It is used to building user interface (Ui) for web applications
3.React allows developers to create reuasable components , we can use components as a blocks ,
4.Uses as a virtual Dom
5.Component based

What to learn for React
1.To learn react we have to learn html,css,javascript

Installation of project
1.we need to install vs code and node version

Creating a Project
1.to create a ptoject we can use a command 
npx create-react-app my app
cd my app
npm start

What is components
1. Components are main reason for react to become popular
2. Inside components we can create a group of elements
3.created componets we can add styling also

Types of components
1.Functional Components
2.Class Components

1.1.Functiona component
It is mainly used in hooks concepts , it is easy to use ,simplicity
2.1.Class Components
this is used for complex logics and advanced features

function Apple(){
<h1>Hello world</h1>

This is the example of components we created file inside file created a function this total is called as a component

Nested Component
1.In this we can create one component inside another component is called nested component
Import React from ‘react’;
const Mango =() =>{
<h1>Mangoes are sweet</h1>
function Apple(){


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