TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, compiles to plain JavaScript, making it easily integrable into existing JavaScript applications.
Features of TypeScript:
1. Static Type Checking: if we define a variable with a string type, we can only reassign values of the string type. In general, JavaScript is a loosely typed or dynamically typed language, while TypeScript is a strictly typed language.
2. ES6 Feature Support: TypeScript supports ES6 features, including class-based objects and modularity.
3. less bugs, predictability, Readability, and Rich IDE support.

Reduced Bugs: TypeScript leads to fewer bugs in code.
Predictability: The language provides a more predictable development experience.
Readability: Code written in TypeScript tends to be more readable.
Rich IDE Support: Enjoy enhanced support in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).
Fast Refactoring: Refactoring is faster and more straightforward.
1. Reduced bugs
2. Predictability & Readability
3. Rich IDE Support & Fast Refactoring

TypeScript Compiler:
1. TypeScript code is written with a .ts extension.
2. The TypeScript compiler converts .ts files to .js files, as browsers support HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since browsers don’t support TypeScript directly, the compilation is necessary

To convert a TypeScript (.ts) file to a JavaScript (.js) file :
tsc sample.ts

JavaScript vs TypeScript:

  1. Typescript is simply javascript, every concept of javascript also supports in typescript.
  2. But every concept in TypeScript won’t support JavaScript.
  3. Typescript has static type-checking features, whereas JavaScript doesn’t have such features.
  4. Typescript is not a new language, it’s just an extension of JavaScript to develop JS apps with few bugs
  5. TypeScript detects errors before compiling, providing compatibility and early error detection.
  6. TypeScript supports object-oriented programming (OOP) functionalities with class-based objects.

TypeScript, as a superset of JavaScript, brings static type checking and ES6 feature support to enhance predictability, readability, and the overall development experience. With reduced bugs, fast refactoring, and rich IDE support, TypeScript proves to be a valuable extension for building more robust and maintainable JavaScript applications.

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