Introduction: Material UI is a popular React UI framework that provides pre-designed components and styling guidelines to build responsive user interfaces.


npm install @mui/material @mui/icons-material

Use the below components to Design a Responsive Mode:

  1. Typography: The Typography component makes it easy to apply a default set of font weights and sizes. We will use it to add labels or titles…
    <Typography>Material UI….</Typography>
  2. Text Field: Text Fields let users enter and edit text. Based on the variant we can select the text field border. <TextField variant=”outlined” Placeholder=”Outlined” />
  3. Button: It is a user interface component that provides a clickable element in our application. import Button from ‘@mui/material/Button’ <Button variant=”contained” color=”primary” style={{backgroundColor:”green” color:”gray”> Submit</Button>
  4. Media Queries: Use CSS media queries to define different styles and layouts for various screen sizes and resolutions. Media queries allow us to apply specific styles when conditions are met.
  5. Responsive Grid Systems: Implement responsive typography using relative units like em, rem, and vw. Adjust font sizes based on screen width for improved readability.

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