Flutter widgets are the fundamental building blocks of a flutter app’s UI.They describe what their view should like given theor current configuration and state.here are the some types of Widgets

1)Basic Widgets
2)Input Widgets
3)LAyout Widgets
4)Animation and Motion Widgets
5)Specialized Widgets
6)Custom Widgets

Basic Widgets
1) Container Widget
The container widgets in flutter is a verstile and commonly used widget that combines several other widgets into a singe one .It can be used for layout,styling and positioning purposes


2)Text Widget
Text widgets in flutter are the essential for displaying stringd of text in your app.They offer various properties for styling and positioning text

3)Row and Column Widget
The Row and Column widgets in flutter are essential for creating layouts by arranging childrean horizontally and vertically respectively.
Row Widget — The row widget arranges its children in a horizontal sequence
Column Widet — The column widget arranges its children in a vertical sequence

Input Widget
Input widgets in Flutter allow users to enter data. These widgets are essential for forms, search fields, and other interactive elements where user input is required

The TextField widget is the most commonly used input widget for text input.
controller: Controls the text being edited.
decoration: Adds decoration like borders, labels, and icons.
keyboardType: Configures the keyboard type (e.g., text, number, email).
obscureText: Hides the input text (useful for passwords).
onChanged: Called when the text is changed.
onSubmitted: Called when the user submits the text.

The TextFormField widget is a variant of TextField used inside a Form. It integrates with form validation.
validator: Validates the text.
autovalidateMode: Controls when to validate (e.g., on user interaction).
decoration: Adds decoration like borders, labels, and icons.

The Checkbox widget is used for boolean values (checked or unchecked).
value: The current state of the checkbox (true or false).
onChanged: Called when the state of the checkbox changes.

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