The reCAPTCHA plugin is a good tool for fighting spam in WordPress. It can prevent spammers from posting unwanted comments on WordPress blogs. A CAPTCHA is an image made up of letters and numbers, and a user is required to type those same letters and numbers correctly to prove they are not spam bots. It is difficult for bots to read the image, and therefore prevents automated spam bots from posting on the blog

1. A domain name and its WordPress admin login


Step 1: Go to the Google reCAPTCHA Admin page (, and provide the following information

  • Label– Enter the domain name for which need to implement reCAPTCHA
  • reCAPTCHA type– Choose your preferred reCAPTCHA type.
  • Domains– Give the domain name to register.
  • Owners- Your Gmail id will be displayed by default.
  • Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service– Click on the checkbox
  • Send alerts to owners– Click on the checkbox.

Then, click on the Submit button.

Note: If you already register some domain name in the admin console then the Click Plus symbol on the Admin Console page opened for the setup form.

Step 2: Click on COPY SITE KEY & COPY SECRET KEY then click save

Step 3: Log into  WordPress Dashboard (https://domain_name/wp-admin)

Step 4: Click on Plugins, then click Add New

Step 4: In the search box type re-captcha and hit enter. Choose the required plugin then click Install Now.

In our case, we choose Uber reCaptcha

Step 4: On the next screen click the Activate Plugin link, and reCAPTCHA plugin will be installed and enabled.

Step 6: Click Plugins, then click Settings under reCAPTCHA.

Step 7: Enter the Site Key, and Secret Key, then click the Save reCAPTCHA Changes button. You are finished when you see a Settings saved message.

Step 8: Now when visitors post a Comment or Register for your site, they will have to complete a re-CAPTCHA validation, to prove they are human

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