How to install SSL certificate on gitlab

Date Posted: 06-10-2017

This post explains on how to install SSL certificate on gitlab. This post assumes that we have SSL certificate purchased already and we have a private key with us.


  1. Gitlab installed. Configuration path is /etc/gitlab
  2. SSL certificate and private key
  3. Domain name – git.domain.tld


Create a ssl directory.

mkdir -p /etc/gitlab/ssl

Change the SSL directory permission.

chmod 700 /etc/gitlab/ssl

Create a certificate file and append the certificate file content in it.

vi /etc/gitlab/ssl/domaintld.pem

Create a key file and append the private key content in it.

vi /etc/gitlab/ssl/domaintld.key

Now, edit gitlab configuration to use ssl. Also, we will be redirecting all the request to ssl rather than http port

vi /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

external_url 'https://git.domain.tld'
nginx['redirect_http_to_https'] = true
nginx['ssl_certificate'] = "/etc/gitlab/ssl/domaintld.pem"
nginx['ssl_certificate_key'] = "/etc/gitlab/ssl/domaintld.key"

Reconfigure gitlab application.

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Now, access the gitlab using the new https url https://git.domain.tld


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