Go to your facebook meta  for developers “app_id” , change it with our facebook app id Create App add click on none APP MODE : LIVE  When click on Quickstart open platforms for facebook login Add to info.plist In Xcode, right-click your project’s Info.plist file and select Open As ->… Continue Reading Facebook Integration

GOOGLE INTEGRATION 1.Go to the Firebase Console and create a Firebase project: 2.Dependency: yarn add react-native-google-singin 3.Update android/build.gradle with the following configuration: buildscript {     ext {         buildToolsVersion = “27.0.3”         minSdkVersion = 16         compileSdkVersion = 27         targetSdkVersion = 26         supportLibVersion = “27.1.1”         googlePlayServicesAuthVersion = “16.0.1” // <— use this version or… Continue Reading Google Integration

Installing CloudWatch on Lightsail instances provides access to a wide array of metrics.Once CloudWatch is configured, a dedicated namespace linked to the Lightsail instance becomes visible on the CloudWatch dashboard Follow below steps to install a CloudWatch on a Lightsail instance. 1. Log in to the Lightsail instance using connect… Continue Reading How to install CloudWatch on instances run by Lightsail?

There are different ways of communication available to pass data between the components in react projects. Method One: Using Call back functions & props For passing data from parent to child component, we use props. Props data is sent by the parent component and cannot be changed by the child… Continue Reading Passing variables and functions among components in React JS

Introduction: In React Js, Data can be exported to excel sheet for our reference. There are many libraries to perform this function. Here exporting data through exceljs library is explained. Prerequisite: Implementation: Step 1: Install the libraries. npm install exceljs npm install file-saver Step 2: Import them in the required… Continue Reading Export Excel Functionality in React JS

Introduction: To set up the PM2 service monitor on Nagios, you’ll need to follow these general steps. PM2 is a process manager for Node.js applications, so we’ll assume you’re monitoring Node.js processes managed by PM2. Prerequisite: 1. Server root login credentials. Step 1: Log in to your Ubuntu or Centos… Continue Reading How to set up the PM2 service monitor on Nagios

Introduction MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that is used for storing large amounts of data in a flexible and JSON-like format. The Backup and Restore in MongoDB is an important part to handle a database. This utility is important because the valuable data can be removed or crashed or… Continue Reading How to backup and restore a Mongo Database

IntroductionJenkins is an open-source automation server. It helps automate the parts of software development related to building, testing, and deploying, facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery Prerequisite1. A user with sudo privileges2. Jenkins console logins Implementation Step 1: Stop Jenkins service $ sudo service jenkins stop Step 2: Take Jenkins… Continue Reading How to upgrade Jenkins to 2.414

Introduction: On Ubuntu, the system’s timezone is set during the installation, but it can be easily changed at a later time. Using the correct time zone is important for many system-related tasks and processes. Prerequisite: 1. Server root login credentials. Step 1: Log in to your Ubuntu server as a… Continue Reading How to change the system timezone in Ubuntu

Introduction Amazon Route 53 is a scalable and highly available Domain Name System service. We can perform the three main functions on route53 services such as domain registration, DNS routing, and health checking Prerequisite Implementation Step 1: Sign in to the AWS console https://aws.amazon.com/ Step 2: Search the Route 53… Continue Reading How to create an ‘A’ record in AWS – Route 53