What is Flutter?
        It is an Open source UI toolkit which was developed by google in the year 2017. It is used for the developing application for android ios and even for windows. It is a single Code base Named DART Programming. It Provides a fast and expressive way to build apps with animations and native Performance

Why Flutter?
      Flutter offers Serval advantages, making it an appealing choice for mobile and web app development
1)Single Codebase
  2)Hot Reload
    3)Better Performance
    4)Open Source

  Why is Flutter such a popular SDK?
        Flutter’s combination of cross-platform capabilities, performance, developer productivity features and strong community support has contributed to its popularity among developers and businesses alike.

Programming Language
        Flutter uses the Dart Programming  Language

Flutter UI
    Basically we can design more UI using the following components.they can divide as widgets and assets

    Widgets are the building block of the User Interface. It is like Button, Textfield, Images, and layouts. Widgets are classified into two types
    1)Stateless Widgets
    2)Stateful Widgets

DART Programming
    DART is a General-purpose programming language originally developed by google and later as standard by Ecma(ECMA-408).It is used to build web, server, and mobile applications. It is object-oriented,class defined language using a C-style syntax that tanscomplies optionally in JavaScript.

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