In this section we will be helping you to downgrade the Instance type in the Alibaba Cloud by logging in to the console.


  1. Alibaba Cloud account login details
  2. Instance ID to downgrade
  3. Instance type details to downgrade.


Step 1: Login to the Alibaba cloud console using the username and password.

Step 2: Under the My services menu and click on the Instances

Now select the instance that you need to downgrade using the Instance ID you have.

Step 3: Click on the Instance ID to view the instance details

Step 4: Now click on stop menu to stop the instance to proceed the downgrade.

Step 5: Now click on the Upgrade/Downgrade under Instance Details > Type.

Step 6: Select the Downgrade option and Instance Type.

Step 7: Select the instance type you need to downgrade and click Next.

Step 8: Now preview the details and click ok to downgrade the Instance after downgrading confirm the instance type and start the instance.

In this section we have seen how to downgrade the instance type in the Alibaba Cloud.

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