MSSQL is an open-source, relational database management system (RDBMS) based on structured query language (SQL). MSSQL is available on all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. It is free to use for individuals and non-production environments under the GNU General Public License; however, if used commercially, a commercial license is required.


1. Windows server credentials
2. Plesk panel credentials


Step 1: Connect the Windows server via the RDP client with the credentials

Step 2: Once the windows server has been connected, search the “SQL” to find the Microsoft SQL Management Studio

Step 3: Click on the SQL Server Management Studio Management Studio

Step 4: Provide the Server name, select authentication as “Windows Authentication” and click on Connect to connect the Database.

Step 5: In the Object Explorer, expand Security > Logins > right-click on sa to open its Properties

Step 6: In the Properties window (General tab), set a new password for “sa”user and click OK to apply the changes.

Note: The check box “Login is locked out” in the status should be enabled. If it is disabled, follow the below steps

(i) Click on New Query


(ii) Execute the below query to enable the option “Login is locked out”.


Replace the new password with the password which is provided in Step 6

Step 7: Restart the MSSQL server from the SQL Server 2017 Configuration Manager

Step 8: Select the service “SQL server (MSSQL)” and click on restart

Step 9: Restart the Windows server

Step 10: Once we get the Windows server connection back after restarting, log in to the Plesk panel with credentials. Navigate Tools & Settings> Database servers > Microsoft SQL server 

Step 11: Provide the updated password and click on Ok.

Step 12: Refresh the database server

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