Enable Root login in newly installed Ubuntu Server 16.04.2:

This post is to guide you on how to enable root user or root login in a newly installed Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 .


  1. Installed a new Ubuntu Server 16.04.2
  2. Already a local user name created without admin rights.


Consider this is a fresh Ubuntu server 16.04.2. You have set an Username Ex: ABC and set a password. The next step is to do a server update or install an application on the server which require an admin rights. We have to set a password for the user root.

Type the command,

sudo passwd root

you will be prompted to enter new UNIX password for root. Enter the password twice.

You will get a message “Passwd: Password updated successfully”.Now the new password for Root is set.

Once Root password is set, we can perform apt-get upgrade or apt-get update.

Other ways to login as Root are as follows.

  1. sudo -i
  2. su




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