Date Posted:13-03-2017 Ajenti is a open source control panel which works with java. The beauty of the control panel is it will auto discover the application and display it on the control panel. It also has option to install services in it. Assumption: Ubuntu Host. In this post, we use… Continue Reading Install Ajenti Control Panel

Date Posted:11-03-2017 In this post, we deals with how to redirect all non www request to www request. If nginx is not installed, follow the posts. Ubuntu 16.04 Centos 7 Implementation: If you followed the above posts, the default location of nginx configuration is /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default. Open nginx configuration and add the… Continue Reading Redirect non www request to www nginx

Date Posted: 28-02-2017 NFS(Network File system) used to mount remote files to the server. In this post, we will cover up on how to setup NFS server and mount the NFS directory to the client server. Assumption: 1.  Ubuntu Server. One server is Ubuntu Server used for NFS server and… Continue Reading Setup NFS server and configure NFS mount point on Ubuntu

Date Posted:25-02-2017 Assumption: Ubuntu Server Any custom Service. In our example, we will forward the port 8080 request to other server. We are gonna explain on how to install haproxy on Ubuntu server. Additionally, we will show up on how to configure service which forwards a requests from haproxy to… Continue Reading Install haproxy and configure haproxy

Date Posted:12-02-2017 Redis is a in memory cache used as database cache, database to serve the page faster. We are not going to deal with how the application works, usage,etc., Refer redis official documentation to get to know the use case,etc., Prerequisites: Ubuntu 16 Nginx webserver Php If webserver or… Continue Reading Enable redis module on php – nginx webserver

Date Posted:28-01-2017 In the modern era, deploying the code on the multiple server is a challenging one. In classic, people normally use FTP/SFTP to upload the files and restart application. In this article, we are gonna explain how to use code deploy aws service to deploy the code on aws… Continue Reading Setup AWS codedeploy on Linux

Date Posted on:04-01-2017 Ubuntu 16.04 doesn’t have php 5.6 by default. Normally, if we install php on ubuntu 16.04, it will install php 7. Many application (at the time of this post 04-01-2017) runs only with php 5.6 and may face issue with Php7. In this post, we are gonna… Continue Reading Install apache 2.4, php5.6 on Ubuntu 16.04

Nginx is the fastest webserver when compared to Apache. In this post, we are gonna explain on how to secure your website using SSL certificate on ubuntu 16.04. Assumption: Ubuntu 16.04 Nginx webserver. If nginx is not installed, please follow the post to install nginx You must have private key,… Continue Reading Install SSL Certificate on Nginx Ubuntu 16.04

In this post, we are gonna explain on how to install nginx, Php, Mariadb on Ubuntu 16.04.1. We have used AWS ubuntu server on this article.  apt-get install nginx Start the nginx service. systemctl start nginx Enable the service on startup so that it will get automatically started whenever the… Continue Reading Install Nginx, Php, MariaDB on Ubuntu 16.04.1